About us

The world's leading GRE pipeline system service provider

Covers an area of 166,500 square meters
20,000 tons pipe production
174 sets of equipment
More than 100 domestic and foreign regions

Shandong Ocean Pipe Technology CO.,LTD. was formerly the GRE Pipeline Division of Shandong Kinflare Group. In November 2012, in order to promote the professional development of the GRE pipeline project, Shandong Kinflare Group decided to establish Shandong OCEAN Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. The new company covers the entire product range of the original GRE pipeline division. Shandong Ocean Pipe Technology CO.,LTD. is located in Wucheng Industrial Park, Dezhou, covering an area of 166,500 square meters and a production workshop area of 103,200 square meters. The company has 16 winding production lines, 174 sets (sets) of equipment such as pipe winding machines, winding micro-control systems, etc. In addition to the well-equipped physics laboratory, chemical laboratory, and refractory laboratory, it is also equipped with 5 in the production workshop. The hydrostatic testing machine has 20,000 tons of various specifications to enhance the annual production and inspection capabilities of GRE pipelines.Shandong Ocean Pipe Technology CO.,LTD. has established a nationwide sales network and system installation and service plans. It is a professional GRE (glass fiber reinforced epoxy pipe) product system service provider. 【More】

Corporate philosophy

Integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, safety, and win-win

Enterprise spirit

Entrepreneurship, pragmatism, dedication

Core development strategy

Technology-driven, talent-based enterprise, cost leadership, green and low-carbon